Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Progress on the Trench Coat

I have made progress on my trench coat finally.  However, I am finding it hard to post every Friday.  My life is full of lots of things:  children who need to go to school, ballet, riding, basketball practice, soccer practice, basketball games, and dogs who go to the vet, and horses who need regular care.  However, I know that we all have full lives.  My husband often points out all the time I spend caring for animals.  But, I love the animals, as do the kids.  We get fresh eggs daily from our hens, and are serenaded morning and evening by our little diva donkey.  So, if I don't make much progress on my sewing, weaving or knitting, so be it.  There will be plenty of time once the children leave home and I am too old to clean stalls and care for large animals when I can spend my day weaving.  So, now, I just squeeze things in when I can.

Enough of that, just to show you what I have:

I finished my muslin and cut out my pieces.  I got my bodice made and put one sleeve in.  I finished the sleeve yesterday.  It took me all day to get the darn thing in.  I hate setting in sleeves.  The main problem was that the original coat had raglan sleeves and I tried to use the sleeve  cap preserving the length of the sleeve.   However, the sleeve cap was too deep, so I had to sacrifice the length which I will deal with later.  So, I got one sleeve in.  As you can see, I have two types of fabric in the bodice.  I ran out of enough fabric for the back and the collar piece, so I used some wool from one of the many pairs of pants that I have from my dad's old wardrobe.  

I saved the collar, and it went on easily, and I am in the midst of pinning and sewing back in the old facing which has buttonholes in it for the lining.  I will reuse the wool lining so that I can wear it 3+ seasons.  

I pinned the back skirt on as you can see above, but I am not sure I like it.  I may cut the pieces so they fit around the bodice, but flare out at the bottom, but we'll see.  I doubt I will get much more time to work on it this week, but hopefully can see some progress next week.  

My goal is to finish the coat before we go to Spain in April.  I need a raincoat for the trip.

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