Friday, February 8, 2013

Trenchcoat progress (or lack thereof)

I did finally squeeze in a little bit of time today to work on my trench coat.  My daughter was home three days this week with a bad cold and mild fever.  She likes to make jewelry, something I thought I would never get into, but it is something we can do together.  So, I sat with her one day and did make some sea urchins out of beads for a necklace.  I got the design out of a book by Diane Fitzgerald.  These are made of fabulous Czech glass dagger beads.  Once the necklace is done I will photograph and post it.

One day this week I spent running my son to the orthodontist and dentist, and today we had a surprise snow and school cancellation.

My son built a snow fort, and my daughter and a friend made cookies.  Unfortunately, the cookies went so fast I didn't get a photo of them!

Here is our cute "puppy" now all grown up hanging out in the fort.

I did receive my ribbons this week and some interesting Czech buttons I will use on the coat.

Finally, I did a bit of work on the bodice and draped the back of the skirt.

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