Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Wardrobe Redo Update: Raincoat Part 2

I ripped apart my raincoat this week, in between caring for my son who is home sick with the flu again, poor boy.  I was thinking I would jump right in to cutting up, but better sense  prevailed.  I realized the fabric was quite dirty.  So, after getting a big pile of pieces, I put the wool fabric through the wash on Handwash setting and let it dry.  The label said dry clean only, so it was a risk.  The fabric came out fine, the hand hand changed a bit, much more drapey than before, and I haven't tested for waterproof ability.  However, now the fabric and lining are clean.

Next, I went through my patterns to decide what to do.  What I want is an elegant, yet rather funky coat  that is fitted and 3/4 length.  After looking through, I decided to use Vogue 8465.  I will not use the collar as is, and it will not be double breasted, but it is a good shape for the bodice with modifications.

I have started making the muslin and fitting it.  So, this is where I am to date.  I hope to be a bit farther along by next week's Friday update. 

  The other thing I did was to order ribbons and buttons.  I found a designer, Kristi Smart, whose work I admired when I looked through my back issues of Belle Armoire.  I won't be quite so funky with my design, but I did want a unique rather than off the rack look, so I went looking for special embellishments.  I have a few ribbons that I like, and I like to mix different ribbons together as you can see on my of my daughter's clothes such as the reversible Avalon jacket.  So, I went online and found some ribbon from one of my favorite designers Laura Foster Nicholson, who also happens to be a tapestry weaver.  I love her jacquard ribbons.   Have a look at her site LFNtextiles.  I also bought some ribbon a few years ago at Satin Moon Fabric Store in San Francisco.  What a beautiful store!  Anyway, I bought some Midori Chrysanthemum ribbon there and used it for a skirt I made.  I had only a few inches left and although it is now no longer made, I found some and bought 5 yards of it.  Finally, I was looking at special buttons and found some on a bead site which are Czech glass.  So, I will be using two of those.  I figured, since I am not using new fabric, I will buy some ribbons and buttons to make the piece special.  When the ribbons and buttons come in, I will share a photograph of them.

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