Thursday, February 6, 2014

Weekend Wrap

I have had a ball of expensive Super soft 8 ply from Pear tree yarns in my stash for a while.  (Apparently this yarn is discontinued so I am sorry if you want to find more).  I tried knitting a shawl last year on vacation, but it just didn't work.  I kept losing my place, and I am not really a shawl person.  I was at the yarn store the other day buying some yarn for a tapestry when I spotted Coco Knits directions for the Weekend Wrap.  It seemed perfect.  I didn't have quite enough yarn, but it looked as though I could still knit it with the 245 yards I had instead of the 320 yards called for.

It was a quick knit on 17 needles.  To be sure I had the armholes placed correctly.  I knit a gauge, then measure the gauge, measured the amount of yarn that the piece took and then figured up how much yarn I needed for the bit between the armholes.  It calls for 10 inches between the armholes and it is supposed to be 20 inches long there.  So, I knitted a gauge that was 5 inches by 2 inches (I know, a little small for a gauge, but I figured there was a lot of leeway in this pattern).  So, my sample was 10 square inches and it used up 5 yards of yarn.  Next, I figured up the amount I needed in between the armholes on the pattern was 10 X 20 inches or 200 square inches.  Next I needed to figure out how many yards that was so I set up a proportion:

10 in X in / 4 yd   = 200 in X in/ L  

where L is the number of yards I needed for the middle part.

When I worked it out as 80 yards.  I measured this off of my skein of yarn and rolled it into a ball.  Now, not knowing if I had used any of the yarn when I knitted my other project for which this yarn was intended, I did not know if I truly had 165 yards remaining so I rolled out the yarn all over the house, doubled it so I could cut it in half, then wound up two balls, one for each front.  Crazy I know, but it worked.

When I was done, I wet blocked the piece and it stretched with no work to be the size specified in the directions.

Here is the wrap on me, because almost anything looks good on a dress form, but I want to see it on someone's body.  So here you are.  You can also check in Ravelry, my user id is ringadal.  The back is quite short on me, so next time I would add some stitches to get a longer back, but of course I would also have more yarn.  however, I did block it to the size stated in the pattern.

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