Monday, December 17, 2012

Norwegian Knitting

I bought the book Norwegian Knitting Designs just based on the photograph of the sweater design on the cover.  I was really intrigued by this sweater and had to have the book.  I was not disappointed.  I love the cover design and  several others in the book.

I picked out the following sweater, "Garter Stitch Jacket" as my first sweater design to knit out of this book, because I thought I could use up a bit of my stash on this one.  I am really trying to use up my stash.  And I am, slowly but surely.  However, I do find that I use a little bit of stash, then I have to go back and buy more so that I can knit whatever design I have decided upon.  In this case, I had five colors in the right gauge, but needed fifteen total.  I went to the store and traded some recently bought yarn that I didn't need for three of the ten I needed, but I still had to buy seven colors.  

Here are the fifteen colors I ended up with for this design.  In my case, the turquoise and blues will be the predominate sweater color, and the reds will end up more has highlights.  

But first, I have to finish my button sweater.  I am almost done with one sleeve.  I then discovered I had misinterpreted the directions and had to take off the part above the cuff and the turn the cuff around and graft it back to the sleeve.  I think I am going to make the sleeves longer, so I will knit a few more inches before I knit them to the sweater skirt.

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