Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Button Sweater

After finishing a sweater for my daughter, I turned back to my stash and decided what to knit with.  I had bought a Spanish yarn from a sale years ago and had yet to do anything with it.  It is Gedifra's Marokko which is 100 percent cotton.  After looking through loads of books and magazines, I chose a sweater from Classic Elite Yarns' Winter Whimsy 2009 pattern book called the Embroidered Button Jacket.  Although I love the buttons which do make the sweater, I have been a bit lazy in thinking about making the buttons.

I have finished the bottom of the sweater up to the armholes.  I am now working on the sleeves which are then joined to the bottom.  The bottom of the sweater is knit in the round.  I hope to finish in time to wear the sweater in the spring.

I went looking for buttons last week and found some at a local knit shop that I LOVED.  But, when I looked at the price I was really bummed;  they were $216.  There were 3 buttons in a stack and five stacks, supposedly all were vintage buttons.  I came home and got on the internet to search.  I didn't find an exact match, but I did find these great little bakelite buttons for $10.45 for 6.  The are little 1/2 inch buttons in various colors with a rounded surface on top and an interesting shape.  They are the littlest buttons in the pile below.  Next, I decided to see if I could find some others that would work with these little vintage buttons in a stack.  I found some dark reddish brown buttons, and light wood-toned hexagonal buttons.

I haven't decided if I will use them like this.  I like them better in person than in the photo below, but I will keep thinking about it.  I may still embroider the buttons for this sweater and save the ones below for another sweater.  I will keep you posted.

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