Friday, October 19, 2012

Project Reveal Part V: Skirt and binding

This week has been filled with things other than sewing.  But, on Monday I did get some time to do a bit more to my coat.

I finished sewing the skirt of the coat and I attached it to the bodice.  I knew that I needed some kind of finish for the edge, but did not have enough fabric for a facing, so I had dyed some silk at the same time that matched the coat, so I cut this into bias.  I sewed bias all around the edge of the coat.  Here is a close-up for the binding.

Here is a photo of the front of the coat with the binding in place.  I was originally thinking of putting a sculptural collar of leaves around the front, but I think it would really detract from the pleating in the bodice.  So, I am holding the leaves in reserve for now to see if they will go someplace else.  The next piece I need to get done on the coat is to find some kind of button closure.

Here is a side view of the coat.  As you can see there are a couple of things going on.  The jacket needs some padding in the shoulders, not much, but just a bit for shaping.  The arm in the photo below looks a bit collapsed, but it looks much better on me.  My dressmaker form has narrow shoulders compared to me.  Finally, I need to put on a cuff.  I will use the silk to make a turned back cuff on the arms to hid a stitching line that was over dyed and turned a bit blue.  Plus, the cuff will add to the styling of the jacket.

I included one of my inspiration photos below.  I think my coat is reflecting the times without being a copy, and shows a cleaner more modern line.  We will see how it all goes in the judging.

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