Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Flower Sweater Finished

I finally finished my flower sweater that I designed and knitted for my daughter.  I had bought this yarn years ago and hadn't gotten around to using it.  I started the sweater at the end of last October or beginning of November.  I had grand visions of finishing it for Christmas.  Well, things didn't quite turn out that way.  I don't knit much during the day.  I knit an hour or two at night if I can, and then I knit when I can during the day sitting in line at the school, at piano lessons, at half time at soccer and basketball games, waiting at the doctor's or dentist's office.  So, things are not as fast as I would like sometimes, but I do get pieces finished.

Here is Linden playing on the swing in her sweater.

For this design, I wanted a fitted bodice with a fuller skirt.  I used a floral motif in the bodice in an orange with the red background of the sweater.  My daughter loves color, so I used lots of different colors for the flowers in the skirt.  I scattered them all around the bottom using intarsia.  I ran out of red, so the sleeves are purple, but put in a red stitch to tie in the sleeves.  You see this technique in many Scandinavian sweaters.  I finished the sweater with orange attached I-cord all around.  The sweater is knitted in cotton dk from Debbie Bliss.  I knitted the sweater on a size 7 needle.  It is a lovely yarn to knit with and the stitches come out nice and even.  

I love this little sweater.  I am tempted to knit a version for myself.  I think I would change the colors, and I would not put flowers in the skirt, maybe another design but much more subtle.  

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