Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sweater Creatures

My son and I went to a craft fair last weekend.  I was trying to sell some sweater kits, but decided I needed little things to sell.  I spent two weeks making creatures out of recycled sweaters.  My son made candle holders out of limbs from around our farm.

I did not get any photos of the booth, but I do have some photos of the creatures.  Here is a little cashmere mouse with embroidered eyes and decoration.

 This is Katie Caterpillar.   It is fun to make these creatures.  It took a bit of practice, the first ones I made were pretty crude, but after a few hours and lots of creatures, I became much better at making things.   I really like this little one.

I have to say, although the photos don't do her justice, I just love this little cashmere bunny.  She is soft and huggable with an embroidered nose and ears.

I ended up not selling any of my creatures.  I was a bit disappointed, plus I didn't sell any sweater kits either, although lots of people wanted to buy the sample sweaters I had on hand.  I did sell a few kits.

I had mouse, monster, owl, and rabbit kits for sale.  The animals were already made, just the stitching for faces and decorations needed to be done.  I sold a couple of these kits, at least enough to pay for the booth.  My son on the other hand, sold quite a few of his candle holders.  He was quite pleased, although he did say that sitting all day at the booth was much harder than caring for the neighbors chickens!  

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