Thursday, December 12, 2013

Revamping an Old Sweater

I made a Rowan sweater in the early 90's that I really loved.   It is called Jester by Kim Hargreaves.  It has a typical 80's and 90's sensibility, in that all of the sweaters I made at that time were blocky and oversized, no inset sleeves here.

I do love this sweater, and I have tried very hard through the years to find things to wear it with, but alas, despite all of the work, I don't wear it.  I have finally decided to update it so that I will finally wear it again.  

I will document my process and give a tutorial for doing this.  Although, the main thing it takes is guts to steek and cut the sweater once you have figured out how you want it to fit.  In the meantime, I am finishing my own sweater from our sweater kits.  I am sewing on the second sleeve and have the button band to knit.  I will post it soon.

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