Monday, November 11, 2013

Project Reveal

This past weekend I competed again in my local fabric store's Project Runway type competition, something they call Project Reveal.  This is the fourth year that Les Fabriques has been running this competition.  This year the theme was Paris and there were 13 outfits that were shown.  There was a three judge panel, one of whom was a professor from Virginia Commonwealth University.  The judges seemed to like a clean, well fitted design this year.  First place was a beautiful black and white, low-backed dress with a chevron bodice and horizontal stripes on the skirt.  Unfortunately, I did not get a photograph of this one.  Second prize was a beautiful evening suit designed and sewn by Tatiana and modeled by her friend Anna.  This suit is sewn in a wool silk blend of a greenish grey color.  The nest is made by Katarzyna Borek.  She makes amazing birds nests from wool and real eggs that are attached to a headband.

Third place was a beautiful Chanel suit made my Doris; she made her Chanel bag also.

So, I have had a busy few months, as you can tell by my lack of postings.  However, that is no real excuse, but I will have to work harder on getting my fit better if I decide to enter again.

In any case, here are some photos from the show.  This is my raincoat that I have posted about previously.  I finally finished all the handwork.  I embroidered the pockets, collars and cuffs with ribbon for Mokuba.  

My inspiration was Paul Poiret's Sorbet dress from 1913.

  I made it more contemporary using a peplum.  At the time I started this top, I didn't realize that peplums were the big controversy of fashion right now.  

I am also wearing a nest made by Kasia.  She made it especially to complement my coat.  I think she did a fabulous job.  The above photograph is full size so you can see the stitching.  The interior of the top is linen to give the silk a sturdy frame to be sewn to.  The outside is silk, and I think quilted around the flowers on the black, and quilted the outline of the flowers in black silk thread on the white silk.

I guess now that I have finished it, my main concern since I made it with the peplum is that it will look dated after this year.  

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