Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Birthday Monsters

For my daughter's 10th birthday we decided to have the girls make monsters.  The night before the birthday, my daughter and I cut up felted sweaters and sewed and stuffed them into silly shapes.   The next day, we had the girls sew on button eyes, decorate with ribbons and embroidery thread.  They had to decide what their little monsters were going to look like.  There was a bit of grumbling at first from a couple of the girls, but then they got into the spirit of things and got busy.

First, they had to learn to thread a needle and sew on a button.

Busy hands and lots of help for each other.

The Results

A Catfish wearing a skirt.

A one-eyed jellyfish with a flower hat.

 A fish with wings and a fancy tail.

A hippy owl

I am not sure what kind of monster this one is, but is sporting a button bracelet and lots of ribbons in her  mane.

 A one-legged monster with a crazy mouth, skirt and ribbon hair.

A little mousie with a flower skirt and ribbons on her ears.

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