Saturday, August 10, 2013

Finished Quilt

I have been meaning to post these photos for a while, but the summer has flown by.  Mainly, I have been chauffeuring my children around to various camps, but we did get away to Cape Cod for a week. We meet another family up their and our children play in the ponds.  We have stayed out of the ocean since Jaws arrived there.  There are too many seals playing in the waves for me to venture out, but I enjoyed the walks I took through the mudflats to find fiddler crabs, horseshoe crabs, and hermit crabs.

Anyway, here are some shots of the quilt.  As you can tell, I have more work to do, since I now need to  make some type of dust ruffle for the bed.  I have been thinking of one that you can just tuck under, but I am now busy working on a quilt for my niece's soon to be born son.

I am happy with the quilt and it is working nicely providing just a hint of cover for the summer without the overwhelming heat of a down comforter.  We keep the thermostat set pretty high in the summer, but I just can't sleep without some type of covering.  

It did shrink a bit after I washed it, which is a bummer because everything was already washed and the batting I used was not supposed to shrink, but ....  anyway, I am happy with the outcome.

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