Thursday, January 17, 2013

Wardrobe Redo: Piece 1

As promised, it is Friday and I am posting my first wardrobe piece that I want to update.  I made this skirt a couple of several years ago.  It is from an Amy Butler pattern Barcelona Skirt.  I love this pattern.  It is easy to make, it fits well, and it is easy to modify the fit.  This skirt wears well whether I am the size I am now, or when I am 5 pounds heavier.  It sits on my hips, not at my waist, and is really comfortable to wear.  I have made 5 of these skirts and this was my first one.  I wear these skirts in the heat of the summer when it is just too darn hot to wear pants.  I hate wearing shorts and rarely wear them, but feel comfortable in skirts.

Now, to what I don't like about this skirt.  When I made it, I made it pretty long.  I wanted to cover up my legs.  I have made other shorter versions, and I have to say, those look better on me.  I think this one  just looks dowdy.

When I first made it, I didn't like the fabric that much.  I felt like I was wearing a 1950's sofa pattern, but the fabric has grown on me.  It is a heavier weight cotton and it washes and dries well, and wears like iron.  Gotta love that!

Don't you just love my adoring dogs?  It helps that I feed them every night!

I think what I have decided to do it to update the design by making what Boden is calling a "Modern Pencil Skirt".  This photo shows the pencil skirt in a bright floral.  It should be an easy modification, which I hope to make this weekend.  So come back for the first update.

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