Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Flu and time to knit

I have been busy for a couple of months either packing, unpacking, or cleaning. I am still far from done unpacking and straightening up the house. Then the flu took me on friday. I was in bed or on the sofa for four days. Now the kids are on midwinter break so they have no patience for unpacking.   So unpacking is on delay....

The good thing about the flu was the time it gave me to knit. I now get to knit one of my own designs for Black Twig Farm with their lovely yarn. 

Here is the kit for Rugby Sweater. 

I will post more photos as it progresses.

In the meantime my children have been missing good bagels. So this week while the kids are home we are on a mission to make good bagels. The grocery store ones are pretty awful. The first ones I made had potential as ninja throwing stars according to my son and husband. Needless to say those got thrown away. 

Here are today's attempt.  Much better. Will see how the family likes them and report back. 

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