Friday, April 25, 2014

No Sewing....But Thoughtful Design Work

We had a pipe burst January 25th.  Since then, we had dry wall and floors ripped out, baseboards taken out, and half of our belongings are stacked in bedrooms, bookshelves, and floors.  My studio is stacked in piles in the kitchen, the hallway, my sewing room, the bedroom.  My loom sits in the floor in the living room, which isn't all bad, since I have plenty of room.  However, things are just a mess.  Finally, this week after lots of wrangling with the insurance company, getting lots of quotes from contractors, and finalizing numbers with the insurance company we are getting the drywall repaired.  Who knows when the flooring will be in.... I am looking forward to putting everything back in its rightful place.

In the meantime, I try to sneak in a bit of knitting in the evenings when I finally get into bed.  The last couple of weeks there has not been much knitting.  Soccer practice starts at 6, so by the time I get home from dropping off in town, back to the farm to feed animals, and then cook dinner and clean the kitchen, there is not much time to knit.  I do get the odd moment in the car waiting.....

But, sewing is out of the question right now.  My sewing room is a mess, but I look forward to starting back soon.  I have lots of projects I am considering and two commissions for coats.  So as I drive around taking kids hither and thither, and running errands, this gorgeous coat by L'Wren Scott is certainly starting the thought process for some interesting designs.

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